How to Brush and Floss Properly?

Brushing your teeth and flossing should be a very important part of your daily routine. However, brushing and flossing doesn’t make any significant impact unless they are done them correctly. In this brief, I am going to give a guide on how you should brush and floss correctly.

brush and floss properly

How to Brush Correctly?

Dentists recommend that you should brush your teeth and tongue at least twice in a day. However, if you had enough time, you can start brushing your teeth and tongue after every meal. Assuming you have the full set of teeth, you should take 2-3 minutes brushing your teeth and tongue to ensure you unpeel as much plaque as possible. It is so unfortunate that most of the people don’t take enough time brushing their teeth and that’s why they are facing several if not all oral issues.

When brushing, position your brush directing the bristles of the toothbrush up for the upper set and down for the bottom set. Ensure that you’re doing this at an angle of 45-degrees. What I mean is that the toothbrush should be placed at an angle of 45-degrees along the gum line. The next step is to move the brush back and forth for each tooth.

Also, ensure you brush the inside part of each tooth using the same above technique. One place that people forget is the chewing surface of the tooth. This surface carries the most plaque and if not brushed perfectly, can be the source of trouble. Brush the chewing surface of the teeth each time. Use the tip of your brush to brush behind each tooth with back-forth, bottom-up motion.

Don’t forget brushing the tongue to eliminate the odor-causing bacteria surface. If not brushed the right way and more often, the tongue surface can be the source of bad breath.

How to Floss Perfectly?

For a long time, the Fidel Government and Dentists have encouraged people to floss their teeth more often to eradicate most oral issues. NHS states on their site that daily flossing helps to prevent gum decreases, by getting rid of all the plaque in the teeth. Use the following proper technique to receive maximum benefits from flossing.

The first step is to break off about 18’’ of floss and wind most of it on the opposite middle fingers. One finger is for taking up the floss after it gets dirty. Hold the floss tightly between your forefingers and thumbs. Use a gentle rubbing motion to guide the floss between your teeth.

Curve the floss into a C shape when it reaches the gum area. Gently slide it between the gum and the tooth. Mildly rub the side of the tooth holding the floss tightly. Move the floss up and down while moving the floss away from the gum.

Don’t forget to repeat the above technique with each of the teeth until you’re done with all of them. Also, don’t forget the back side of your tooth. Do the same more often and you will have fought the greatest of all oral issue-tooth decay and gum diseases.

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